Why you should buy our course

An online course: Because First-Certificate is an online course, you can access it from any computer with an Internet connection at any time - in the luxury of your own home. No more CDs getting lost or programmes which have to be installed.

A quality course: We, as teachers have over 40 years of experience teaching English to more than 40,000 students all over Spain, to the busiest of businessman and lawyers to students of all ages.

Zero Errors: With First-Certificate you will learn to speak with zero errors and in this way, you will develop an authentic English, the English spoken in the real world.

Easy to Use: The First-Certificate system is easy to use. In just a couple of clicks you can start studying for the official Cambridge exam: First Certificate in English.

Just 10 minutes a day: You need just ten minutes a day to learn and greatly improve your English. You can reach the level where you can answer 100 questions in ten minutes. If you studied on our course five days a week, imagine the amount of information in English your brain would be processing in English!

Personal Progress Tracking: There are detailed statistics available for you to check your progress. By checking your errors and making sure you don’t make the same ones, you will eliminate your weaknesses.

Instant Error Correction: As soon as you make a mistake the system tells you the correct answer. And just after completing the exercise you are given a summary of your errors.

Immediate Access: Once you have registered and bought our course, our system will automatically create an account so that you don’t have to wait and can begin a session immediately. Now you are playing. And learning!

Free Updates: Because we care about your future, we are continually updating the content and improving our learning system so that you pass the FCE with the highest score.


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