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Past Simple vs Present Perfect

Difference between the Past Simple and the Present Perfect

The Past Simple and the Present Perfect are verbal tenses which speak about the past. So what’s the difference you say? Take a look at the following uses:

The Past Simple always talks about a state or a finished action in the past, and the time is usually mentioned.
Example: I played tennis yesterday.

The Present Perfect may talk about a finished action or an unfinished action.

  • Finished actions can be recent actions which have a visible result or a consequence in the present. Example: I have repaired the car. (The car works now.) For actions which are not recent, the time is not specified. Example: I have seen that film several times.
  • Unfinished actions are actions which began in the past and are still in progress in the present. Example: I have worked here for five years.

Words with Present Perfect

Here is a list of special words used in the Present Perfect:

I have just finished my painting.
YetHave you finished your homework yet?
No, I haven’t finished my homework yet.
AlreadyI have already booked a table. You don’t have to do it.
StillI still have to write five more letters.
EverHave you ever been to India?
EeverI have never been to India.
So far
I have read four chapters so far.
Up to nowUp to now, we haven’t had any problems.

Exercises Past Simple and Present Perfect

If you want to practise the Past Simple and the Present Perfect click on:

 Past Simple vs Present Perfect

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